I’m in the final stages of editing my book, Unsinkable, and I’m selecting a subtitle on Google Ads.  It’s fun and exciting.  While I’m waiting on these steps here is a preview of what becoming Unsinkable requires:

EDUCATION: Learn how to swim

Determined people can learn almost anything and getting educated takes you places.   Education isn’t just academic degrees.  You need to learn technical skills, develop emotional intelligence, study people, understand yourself, and cultivate your spirit.

CONFIDENCE:  Focus your strengths and develop new strokes

Confidence and capability reinforce each other. Here’s a politically incorrect story. There once was a woman who rode around in her car with a handgun on the passenger seat and a semi automatic rifle in the back seat.  A police officer pulled her over and when he saw the guns he asked,  “Lady, what are YOU afraid of.”  She looked him in the eye and answered,  “Not a #&#&$ thing!”

Remember, this is a joke  — I will stipulate that guns are not funny in the slightest but I think it creates a visual that captures the whole idea.   If you substitute skills for the capability and confidence for the handgun you get the picture – a person who is armed with powerful weapons isn’t afraid of anything.  That can be you!

PERSISTANCE:  Keep Swimming

Fear tells you that you’ll never make it.   Even if you can only believe in yourself in an off and on kinda way, as long as you persist and you’ll make progress.  One thing is certain, if you stop swimming you never will never get where you are going.  There will be times where you are discouraged, absolutely.  JUST DON’T QUIT.

FAITH: Float

So you are working on education, confidence and persistence.  They are action oriented.  But sometimes the best advice is “don’t just do something, stand there!”  After you have learned all you can, worked hard and kept at it you may need time to float, reserve your energy and let the current carry you along.  Especially if you have been swimming through stormy weather, if you see a break in the clouds allow yourself a day at the beach.  Let the sun warm your face and rest buoyant in salty water.  You don’t have to move a muscle.  If you arch your back and relax you’ll find you are fully supported.  That happens if you let it.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


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  1. Sharon Williams says:

    LOVE the joke and the analogy. Strong women “arm” themselves with education, knowledge, and persistence,

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