So the movie is about a guy called Alex,a young Ukranian immigrant who supports his parents by doing illegal jobs on online which soon would lead to a bad out come,so how did all this begin.

Well at first he was saving up some money to go to college being what he calls a clicker which builds up traffic to websites by changing his ip address and visting the website over and over he did not make a lot of money by doing it but over 4 years he finally saved up enough money to go to college.



But it was not that simple because his mum got fired from her job at the bank she was working for and could now not afford to pay the bills and in turn would lose the house,but alex being a good son gave her the money that he made for collage. Alex still wanted to go to collage so he now needed another way to make some more money but how was he going to do this,well he herd about the Dark web which is a group of online hackers and at that time was getting a lot of press,So Alex reached out on there and asked for a little help on how he could make some money but he had to prove him self,so what Alex did was stole some credit card information of a bully at school and now he has some trust amounst the online hacker group on the Dark web.


My review

Ok so now you want a  review on the movie well all i can say is that it is definaltly worth watching but i wont say to much becuase it will spoil the movie for you and i dont want to do that. Just watch the trailer below and decide for your self