Has everybody been enjoying Legends of tomorrow season 2 as much as me? from the very first episode I was hooked again because I even said to a friend of mine that the first episode of season 2 was better than the whole of season 1.
There is so much more in this season, I mean we are seeing the reverse flash working with Damien Darhk I mean, who the fuck would have thought that would even be possible. What I like about legends is that it doesn’t matter who you kill off in arrow or the flash they can always be brought back in Legends of tomorrow



This season so far I think is amazing we have seen Albert Einstein and I love the way professors Stine said we have the same last name minus the EINEĀ  that made me laugh.
Now from what I can work out is that Damien Darhk and the reverse flash are trying now to change history because lets not forget Barry Allen has fucked up the timeline and now the Reverse flash is back again and now trying to change history so that is very exciting.

I Am not sure if Rip hunter will be back so I mean I think this season they are trying to take the show in a different direction and as we have seen so far they have a new captain of the Waverider which is professor Stine, so maybe they might see rip in a past timeline or a future timeline but I don’t think he will be a main character.

last but not least we have the J.S.A (justice society of America) now we all know that at the end of season one Rex Tyler (Hourman) traveled from 1942 to the year 2016 to warn the legends not to return to 1942 because something bad was going to happen, but they did it anyway, the point is at the end of the last episode the reverse flash has changed that timeline and put his hand through Rex not sure if he’s dead , so as it stands Rex can’t go back and warn the legends now so I am very interested to see what happens in the next episode.

Just remember when theres a Reverse Flash theres a Flash so i am hoping to see Barry Allen battle him again.