If you dont know i like to keep things short and to the point. You should also know i dont mince my words so listen.

When i watched the blacklist i was hoping for the truth to all come out,Yes red admitted to be lizzie father but we cant take that to mean shit and thats because the circumstances he was under,he was being tortured by kirk and i beleive he told kirk what he wanted to here.

If red would have said no i think kirk would’nt have believed him and kept going with the tourture which would have led to reds death so red just told him yes to keep himself alive.



Why would red help kirk

I also think he did this in the hopes that kirk would let him go but it just goes to show the hate that kirk has for red as he said he does not want to share the earth with reddington.


mr kaplan storyline

I dont even wanna go there with this no one knows whats happening here and what they have planned.

final thoughts

I just wish this story line would be over by now because its dragging on for far to long,4 seasons to be exact. What the fuck was up with the ending aswell i thought kirk stuck red with the needle and that was it for him but hey red is alive and well,but how also what happened to kirk.