You know at the end of the day it really is down to you to get of your fat butt and get motivated so what I have done is put some clips down below to help 🙂

rocky v1 2006

You know l really do love what he says because it is so true because the world doesn’t owe you anything and as rocky says “if you know what you’re worth then go out and get what your worth and not pointing fingers saying im not where i want to be because of him her or anybody” and to me that’s amazing.


Pursuit of Happiness

This one was another great one for me because first he said to his son that you will excel at a lot of things, but not basketball, but then he sees the look on his son’s face and told him basically don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not good enough and it was a nice father son moment too

Wolf of Wall Street 2013

This was another great movie even though he wasn’t doing everything legally he still had a ton of passion and that is what it is all about, he believed in himself.